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What’s New in the New NeighborhoodScout

Feb 26, 2017 | by: Dr. Andrew Schiller | Other
What’s New in the New NeighborhoodScout

Must-see analytics, features & functionality now live

You asked, we listened. We’ve been hard at work improving NeighborhoodScout with the data and features our users have been asking for. Check out the short list below:

Scout Vision™ Trends & Forecasts

Introducing Scout VisionTM, the first forecast product on the market with 3-year home price appreciation and home value predictions with up to 90% accuracy for every neighborhood and micro-neighborhood (10X smaller than a Zip Code) in the nation.

Enhanced Crime Analytics

We’ve added 9 new crime risk indices for every U.S. neighborhood:  Total Violent Crime Risk Index (includes Murder, Assault, Rape and Robbery Risk Indices) and Total Property Crime Risk Index (includes Burglary, Theft and Motor Vehicle Theft Risk Indices).

Crime Risk Trends & Forecasts

See the past, present and future crime risk for any location in the U.S., at intervals 5 years back and 5 years ahead.

Proximity Index

Includes a Price Advantage Index to help you gauge how the price per sq. ft. compares to surrounding neighborhoods. And a Jobs Score to tell you if an address is within commutable range to high-paying jobs.

Population Trends

Has the population here been steady, growing, or declining over the past 5 years? Population growth may indicate a demand for real estate, and thus a healthy housing market economy. A decline, on the other hand, may indicate soft or softening housing demand.

Education Trends

How much do parents or town leaders value education? Is school a priority to the residents who live here? Is knowledge and higher learning embedded into a community’s culture? With NeighborhoodScout’s new Education Trend insights, see the how the rate of college graduates or how the standardized test performance of K-12 schools have changed over the last 5 years.

Regional Investment Potential & Affordability

Home price appreciation potential for the greater metropolitan region, as well as an Affordability Index that gauges if local incomes can support the housing dollar demands.

Income & Unemployment Trends

An indication if median household income, per capita income, or unemployment has been steady, rising or declining over the last 5 years, at the sub-Neighborhood level.

Condition Alerts

Good or bad, if a neighborhood meets an extreme or unique condition, you’ll be the first to know.

Print to PDF

Generate a PDF from any Pro report. Couldn’t take it with you before.  Now you can.

Better Maps

Improvements include larger maps, new heatmaps (including population growth or decline), points of interests, and the ability to navigate to surrounding neighborhoods and towns.

Address-Specific School Quality Ratings

School performance ratings based on the quality of K-12 public schools that serve your address.

Lifestyle & Special Character

Understand the look, feel and culture of every U.S. neighborhood, and the types of residents who live there, without ever needing to leave home.

Pay As You Scout or Subscribe & Save

Whether you need 1 Report or 100, the new NeighborhoodScout has convenient plans to fit any budget.

Responsive Design

On the go and need to Scout?  No problem.  NeighborhoodScout is completely redesigned for mobile devices, all sizes and types.

So Much More

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Get the Pro report for your address or any address in the nation, and see the new NeighborhoodScout for yourself.